Flipping the Script on Cultural Gaps in Mental Health and Substance Use Care

Jun 24, 10:00 am .. 12:30 pm


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It's time to change for ALL. It's a mental health struggle. 

When talk turns to substance use, there's general progress in avoiding judgment, moving toward grace-filled sentiment and understanding the mental health struggles behind it. 

That grace has not yet extended to communities of color. 

Too often, people of color do not experience the understanding and humanity afforded their white counterparts. Academic studies reveal the distinct use of “Opioid crisis” vs “crack epidemic.” White people are viewed as having a struggle or mental health issue while minoritized communities are sketched as having a problem.

This training is free for attendees through a generous CLAS grant from MN Department of Human Services. Those who join from 10:00 AM through 12:30 PM on June 24th will gain a better understanding of the connection of mental health and substance use in all communities, learn the historical context of certain drugs and how there looked at in society and walk away knowing unhelpful ways to avoid and how to best support someone coping with mental health-related substance use.

The session is presented at the Washburn Center Training Institute by Amber Buck and Curby Rogers. The panel will feature Jase Roe, Dr. Roseina D. Britton, and Dr. Shawn A. Parker.